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Documents of Interest:

A Unified Guide for Crediting Stream and Floodplain Projects in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Presentation to MSRA on March 27, 2019, Spring 2019 Technical Presentation - Meet the Vendors

Presentation to MSRA on May 31, 2018, Predicting Erosion Rates of Cohesive Streambanks. Thompson, Tess.

River connectivity reestablished: Effects and implications of six weir removals on brown trout smolt migration

K. Birnie-Gauvin, M.M. Candee, H. Baktoft, M.H. Larsen, A. Koed and K. Aarestrup

Version of Record online: 24 APR 2018 | DOI: 10.1002/rra.3271

Nitrogen cycling in large temperate floodplain rivers of contrasting nutrient regimes and management

W.B. Richardson, L.A. Bartsch, M.R. Bartsch, R. Kiesling and B.M. Lafrancois

Version of Record online: 20 APR 2018 | DOI: 10.1002/rra.3267

USDA Forest Service Annual Update: Guidance for Stream Restoration and Rehabilitation

Chesapeake Bay Quarterly articles:

Recommendations of the Expert Panel to Define Removal Rates for Individual Stream Restoration Projects Stream_Panel_Report_Final_02062014_LONG_Version

Watershed Approach Handbook: Improving Outcomes and Increasing Benefits Associated with Wetland and Stream Restoration and Protection Projects watershed-approach-handbook-improving-outcomes-and-increasing-benefits-associated-wetland-and-stream_0

Peter Wilcock’s talk from March 5, 2014 MSRA Meeting “Making Stream Restoration Decisions” Wilcock_SR_Decisions_MSRA_5March2014

Peter Wilcock et al. paper “Is Urban Stream Restoration Worth It” from the Journal of the American Water Resources Association Kenney_JAWRA2012_WorthIt

This article from Great Britain shows how stream restoration and ‘rewilding’ are part of a shift in flood-abatement practices there:

CWP’s Stream Restoration Crediting Protocols Powerpoint presentation from Fall 2013 MSRA Meeting

Critical Evaluation of How the Rosgen Classification and Associated ‘Natural Channel Design’ Methods Fail to Integrate and Quantify Fluvial Processes and Channel Response¬Ě by A. Simon, M. Doyle, M. Kondolf, F.D. Shields Jr., B. Rhoads, and M. McPhillips. –

Baldigo & Ernst, “Do Fish Benefit from Stream Restoration in the Catskills Mountain?” –

Palmer, M. “Reforming Watershed Restoration: Science in Need of Application and Applications in Need of Science.”-

FEMA Publication “Engineering With Nature: Alternative Techniques to Riprap Bank Stabilization” –

Doyles and Shields, “Compensatory Mitigation for Stream Under the Clean Water Act” – Doyle and Shields 2012

Watershed Assessment of River Stability & Sediment Supply (WARSSS) –

Patapsco River Dam Removal Study: Assessing Changes in American Eel Distribution and Aquatic Communities

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